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A collection of my previous blogs from another host. (NB The first one is the latest and they get older as you scroll down).
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I don't know why I like KISS' music, I'm not keen on other acts that I'm told are similar in style. Fact is, I've never thought of KISS as a 'heavy metal' me the best stuff is simply traditional Status Quo. Everyone tends to forget that the band is a music act as well as a spectacle and that's a shame because they have some great music in their catalogue, much of which can't be played on stage 'cos it doesn't fit in with the show.

N.B. Songs that would have made the list but were played on 'Unplugged' or 'Symphony' are omitted.

Here are a few examples from albums issued 1974-77:

(Click arrow on player to hear these songs)

The reasons why I like these songs are many and varied, to do with the sound production and arrangements as much as the song writing itself. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

I'll do part two later, covering the second live album, '78 solo albums and post Peter Criss KISS. I can't wait!

I'm Back!

So sorry to leave you for such a long time. I've been concentrating all the energy I have on supporting my friend Russell and his wife Suzanne through a serious operation to remove a cancer from his lymph gland and throat.
He is recovering from the operation well, so far...but not quite to his own satisfaction. He just wants to be discharged and return home. I'm hoping this will be the case very soon, his nurse is amazed by his recovery rate and I and all his friends are more than relieved that yet another of his trials is past the crisis point.
 To say that Russ is an inspiration to me is a gross understatement, I know of no other person who has dealt so effectively with the major set backs and pitfalls of life as he has. Although he was told some years ago that he would lose the ability to walk, due to osteoarthritis, he has confounded the Doctors predictions and continued to manage on crutches, using the wheel chair only occaisionally.
When he had his first brush with cancer, this time in the mouth, there was no complaining, no "why me" just a "let's deal with it" attitude and tremendous energy. He has also had bouts of depression and not only conquered it but gone forward and improved his life by finding his perfect match and marrying her. This was no accident, it came about by sheer will and determination and a "there is no other alternative" attitude. He has all these qualities but has never criticised the weakness of others or their failings, his attitude is to "see the funny side" and accept others quirks with good grace.
I am blessed to have Russ as a friend and I feel very lucky to be able to plan a trip to see him very soon. This is where I have to be strong...I don't travel as a rule, I have panic attacks, so I need to not only plan the usual practicalities, but also pin down the psychological tools I will need to manage the journey. I will do the best I can. It's the least and most that I can manage.

Someone Heard!

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I received a couple of helpful comments today about my blog! Thank you! Here is my response: Thank you so much. One of the reasons I decided to talk about this (living with depression and tools to deal with it) is because there are so many people who feel they can't be heard or haven't the energy to try. I have O.K. days and terrible days, but due to the skills I use I manage to carry on without harming myself (and by default, others) or engaging in 'unhelpful' behaviour. My hope is that I can convince even one despairing person that, even if they can't get rid of the depression, it can be managed and lived with. I may be cured one day...but I am NOT wasting my time wishing and hoping, I'm doing my best to continue through it in an accepting way ie: not denying I have it. I will do some more blogging soon, at the moment I'm waiting anxiously for the 7th June when my dear friend Russell has the serious operation he needs to save his life, I am waiting anxiously...but hopefully.

 Actually, I think I'll use this as my blog!


Another day another blog, boy this is getting almost second nature, much easier than the first one.Been a difficult period, one of my very best friends is seriously ill and awaiting an operation, can't go into details, it's not appropriate. Anyway, as someone who suffers from depression and copes with it on a daily basis the news had the initial effect of rendering everything impossible, though I did manage to tweak my profile a bit...still not satisfied though.
I've managed to get through by using a technique called D.B.T.,
that's dialectical behavioural therapy for the uninitiated I've been using this err... philosophy for years now and it's kept me alive and functioning fairly well, though I cannot work for extended periods and tend to become disassociated easily, amongst other  things (of which, more another day). Basically, everything I am 'thinking' at any one time has to be challenged and evaluated to see if it is 'helpful' or 'unhelpful' and if I take an action I have to
decide if it is 'willful' (not helpful) or willingful (helpful) and so I get by from day to day...The point of all the above is to clarify for and / or inform anyone who is, or knows someone, suffering from depression that it can be managed, with a great deal of effort... and that one failure in the moment doesn't mean you will continue to fail in everything all the time, it's just one of those tricks that the condition can play on you. As long as you're still alive you can try again another day! And you're not the only one who feels the way you feel... you're not alone.
O.K., that's enough for now. Come back soon!

We believe in you

Not really a blog this one, more a prayer for Russ,
my friend of thirty-three years, and his wife Suzanne.
Eddie and I are with you both in spirit, though we are not able to be with you in body. We love you both and we know you have the will and strength of character to make it through the ordeal ahead

Long nets of white cloud my memory

Been listening to a lot of Stevie Nicks stuff today so I reckon
I'm in a reminiscent frame of mind, which can be a good or
bad thing I guess, depending on what you're thinking about.
I've been pondering the period from 1985 (I was twenty one)
to 2002 (work it out). These years not only flew by but I'm
not totally sure that what I remember of them actually
happened, either in the order I recall or if indeed some
events took place at all. Obviously, I can pin some things
down by reference to others that were there, but because
of my tendency to disappear on my own and have
'adventures' some things cannot be confirmed by anyone I
remain in touch with. If you've seen the movie 'Harsh Times'
you'll get an idea what these years were like. One minute
acting responsibly, sane as anyone, the next...madness!
You had to be there. Second thoughts, just be glad you
weren't. The blessing is no one but me got seriously hurt.
I'm struck with just how lucky I am to have retained the
same closest friends and to have survived my own
subliminal need for self destruction. Yep, they were very
patient;conclusion of this post and today's
pondering is that, even though it's taken me longer than
most to 'grow up' and 'sober up' (not had any alcohol
since at least 2004, possibly longer, I'd have to look it up)
the 'clean' years have been the best for me, I really felt
everything, acted responsibly and most of all I haven't had
to wake up and apologise for something I don't remember
doing. It's a real miracle to see my Godchildren grow up
and set off on their own adventures. I just hope they don't
make the same mistakes I wilfully and drunkenly made
along the way. More on which later, but not today, I'm
feeling very lucky so it's a good time to break off and say


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