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THE PUMPKIN EATERThe story of a marriage of two sensitive, articulate people, bound together by the strongest physical and emotional ties yet helpless in their inability to communicate.Just watched this film, now I can't sleep because it's haunting me. I recommend it, just make sure you have plenty of chill out time before you need to sleep because it makes you think.
The Pumpkin Eater takes its title from the nursery rhyme: "Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater / Had a wife and couldn't keep her. / He put her in a pumpkin shell / And there he kept her very well." As this allusion suggests, one of the central concerns of the film is female entrapment - the experience of being kept 'in a shell'. The heroine, Jo, has all the ostensible trappings of a happy life: a handsome, successful husband, a beautiful house, an enviably affluent lifestyle, and battalions of healthy children. Yet she still comes to the conclusion that her life is "an empty place". She ev…


Here's the next selection of underrated/seldom (if ever) played tunes. This period of the band is especially dear to me as I was a young adult at the time of the release of these albums.
My favourite tunes are here, even though it took time to appreciate some of them back then, especially Ace Frehley's solo stuff Wiped Out, What's On Your Mind and Fractured Mirror. The latter soon became my all time second favourite instumental, the first being Albatross by Fleetwood Mac.
'Fraid I didn't manage to get past Peter Criss' tenure in KISS so there will be a further selection covering the 1980's and later in a future post.
Drop me a line to let me know what you think about these tracks, you can use the comment on this blog button if you wish.
See ya,
Andy. Picture Below: KISS circa 1980...coming soon.