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Christmas Nightmare

Christmas is a time of maximum stress on relationships so try to remember, its supposed to be fun! Don't take things too seriously and if the turkey gets ruined just order a take away instead.
Whatever happens don't let it end in a divorce court or you could end up with your most expensive Christmas ever. Here are some cautionary tales:

The Most Outrageous Divorce Clauses Ever Written
Author: Monica Sanders

There are all kinds of divorce clauses: clauses to keep quiet, clauses to pay an escalating portion of one's future earnings, and even clauses that some might consider the most extreme – those that mandate therapy. Hollywood seems to be the source of endless fodder. In fact, it's not unusual to find all sorts of written clauses so that an ex will keep quiet about the nasty details of the marriage until the day they die…or perhaps get a more lucrative book deal. Britney as well as former Beatle Paul McCartney have both opted for gag clauses in the hopes of muzzling thei…