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The Country Roads of Chris (Dog Oil) Raddings

(Photo by Jane Gregory, Pets Ink)

Chris Raddings: Musician

Born in: Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K.
Date of Birth: 21/11/63
Schools: Scholes Infants School, Mirfield, Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K. / Whitechapel Middle School, Cleckheaton, Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K. / Whitcliffe Mount Secondary School Cleckheaton, Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K.

Chris is the youngest of three children, he has a sister, Elaine and a brother, Andrew. He left school in 1980 and continued his studies at Batley College of Art & Design, specialist subject: Interior Design. The college catered for a wide range of diciplines from Fine Art to Fashion Design and consequently included an eclectic mix of characters amongst it's scholars and lecturers providing the perfect environment to broaden the mind! However by 1982 Chris left the school having decided to follow an alternative and more satisfying career path working with disadvantaged children. He soon discovered he could incorporate his tal…


Happy accident, serendipity I don't know but somehow while on holiday in the Czech Republic I was able to help in the casting for this video. As it turns out I think it's worked rather well, I particularly like the imagery of the gently burning guitar.

More music from Simon P Kelly can be found on his myspace music profile and the album Coming Home In The Light from which this single is pulled is available now (e-mail Simon via his myspace profile).

Incidentally, the evocative lyrics to all the songs are written by my friend Richard Eccles who's also a very talented poet and all around creative powerhouse. My thanks go out to Richard for allowing me to play a tiny part in the completion of this project.

Playwrite Aleksei/Aleksej Arbuzov (1908-1986)

Biography of the playwright Aleksei /Aleksej Arbuzov

(May 26, 1908) Born in Moscow to a Russian father and Greek mother.

(1918) At 10 years of age he loses his parents and is cared for by his aunt.

(1922) First contact with the theatre world when hired as an extra at the Marinski (Kirov?) Theatre of St. Petersburg.

(1924) He goes on to develop his skills in a theatre studio.

(1925) Enters a drama school.

(1927) Graduates drama school.

For some time he directs a touring troupe and puts on plays in Leningrad. Also he takes on the literature department of the first sovkhoz theatre in the capital area of Russia.

(1930) Goes to Moscow and writes in the magazine "Stage Club". In the same year writes his first play, "Rank" (the first of the 30 he would complete).

(1934) Writes his first comedy, "Six Lovers" (inspired by his experience in sovkhoz).

(1936) Writes the play, "Long Way".

(1938) Writes "Tania" .

("Long Way" and "Tania" beco…