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Spider-Man Sings Again

After his previous off Broadway production and a flirtation with rock on his 'Rock Reflections of a Superhero' album, Spidey is heading for the boards again!


2007-09-27 13:38:33

Broadway director JULIE TAYMOR is hunting for a New York theatre big enough to house the SPIDER-MAN musical she is creating with U2 rockers BONO and THE EDGE.
Lion King creator Taymor has written a book and is due to direct the spectacular stage show, with the music provided by the rock superduo.
The project is now moving so quickly, the trio are already looking for the right space to house the musical version of the comic creation. Taymore tells the New York Daily News.

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Potentially Dodgy Comic-Book Films

Oh dear...these sound dodgy to say the least!

Maybe the best comic-book fans can wish for is that 'Justice League' at least won't be a total embarrassment?

Comic book casting : Shazam and Wonder Woman

The web is buzzing with rumours that Jessica Biel will be playing Wonder Woman in the Justice League of America movie. Sites are all discussing whether or not Ms. Biel will be flying the invisible plane in the live action JLA movie that will be directed by George Miller.

In related comic-book movie news, The Rock is likely going to be starring in Shazam. But, will he be playing Shazam or Black Adam? Evidently, Mr. Johnson has been debating about this for some time now, and is asking his fans to help him decide. He is soliciting votes on the MTV Movies Blog, so have at it.

Shazam! to be broad-based, "inherently funny" superhero flick Hard at work on his draft of Shazam!, screenwriter John August provided a glimpse of what we can expect to see in the upcoming live-action …

Phil Spector Case Mistrial


2007-09-26 23:56:25

The judge overseeing the PHIL SPECTOR murder case has declared a mistrial.
Judge Larry Paul Fidler sent the members of the jury home on Wednesday (26Sep07) after hearing they were split ten to two after 12 days of deliberation and six ballots - and unable to break their deadlock.
Spector was accused of murdering actress Lana Clarkson in his Alhambra, California mansion in 2003. The trial began in April (07) and featured 77 witnesses.
Officials at the Los Angeles District Attorney's office state they will retry the record producer. (KL/WN/GES) WENN - BREAKING NEWS - 26 SEPTEMBER 2007

Psychodialetical Recent Updates

Psychodialetical Recent Updates
This is the comic book I am publishing/creating at drunk duck web comics site.Have a look and let me know what you think.Go on, I can take it...honest!