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Free Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung Suu Kyi

The Norwegian committee that awarded Myanmar democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 has called for her immediate release from prison.
"Her recent detention in prison is totally unacceptable. She has done nothing wrong",
said a statement from the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which rarely comments on past laureates.
"We sent this because it is a matter of the life and health of a laureate",
its nonvoting secretary, Geir Lundestad, told The Associated Press.

The protest added to a storm of international appeals to Myanmar's military government to free the 63-year-old Suu Kyi and accelerate genuine moves toward the restoration of democracy in the country, which has been under military rule virtually continuously since 1962.

Suu Kyi was taken Thursday 14th May 2009 from the lakeside home where she is kept under house arrest to Insein Prison to be charged with violating the terms of her detention by allegedly sheltering an American man said to have s…