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SONIC BOOM Cover Insight Deluxe!

SONIC BOOM Cover Insight Deluxe!

Posted using ShareThisTHE RETURN OF KISS
August 17, 2009

By Michael Doret

I've been waiting a few months to be able to talk about this-and I have talked about it to some degree in a few online interviews, but not really in any detail. Back in April of this year I received a telephone call from out of the blue-from somewhere in South America. At the other end of the line was KISS' Paul Stanley. It'd been more years than I cared to remember since we last spoke. That was when I had done the cover art for "Rock and Roll Over"-KISS' 5th album and their 2nd to go Platinum. So you can understand my surprise when Paul asked if I'd be interested in designing the cover art for KISS' first studio album in 11 years-which Paul himself was producing.

That's when I started remembering how exciting it was the first time around, to have been involved in that fast-paced world of entertainment and music. For me it had been a far cry from…

UN stalls on Myanmar statement

Back in the middle of May I was moved to blog on the plight of the unjustly incarcerated Aung Suu Kyi, since then the case has rightly garnered great publicity. Here is an update on the situation:

The UN Security Council has failed to agree on a statement condemning Myanmar for extending Aung San Suu Kyi's house arrest, a verdict the opposition leader called "totally unfair".

Diplomats cancelled a meeting of the 15-member council on Wednesday and instead held talks with China and other member states that have expressed concern over how the UN should respond to the Nobel peace laureate being detained a further 18 months.

A US-drafted statement condemning Aung San Suu Kyi's detention at her home in Yangon and demanding the release of all political prisoners in Myanmar was discussed on Tuesday.

But several countries, including Vietnam and veto-wielding China and Russia, said they wanted to consult with their governments before acting further on the text.

'Respect soverei…