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Better Late Than Never (U.K. The Guardian-Steve Gerber-Obit)

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Ace Frehley - Astoria London 2008 New York Groove


Far left of the stage just behind the barrier! What a straight ahead down to earth ballsy rock n roll party we had! The videos don't really do it justice, the place was drenched in sweat and the audience was wild, singing along (listen to us, we rocked), punching the air and chanting for Ace...even before he came on stage. Nights like these are rare and this one was the best I've had in years! The set list:Rip It Out/Hard Times/Parasite/Snowblind segue into I Want You/Rock Soldiers/Breakout/Into The Void/Strangeways/Medley inc: Torpedo Girl, Speedin' Back To My Baby, Five Card Stud, Trouble Walkin' End of Medley/Stranger in a Strange Land/New York Groove/2,000 Man/Shock Me/Rocket Ride/Deuce/Lover Her All I Can/Love Gun/Cold Gin (with outro to Black Diamond tacked on at the end)