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D.B.T.= Real Hope for the Anxious, Depressive and Self Harming Individual

Having lived with clinical depression for many years I can vouch for this system of therapy as it was offered to me and accepted years ago. The methodology has allowed me to maintain a helpful outlook of and fairly effective interaction with the world outside my front door. If I had not been offered the treatment I feel I may well not have survived to spread the word.
Pictured: Marsha M. Linehan

Marsha Linehan is a Professor of Psychology, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral
Sciences at the University of Washington and Director of the Behavioral Research and Therapy
Clinics, a consortium of research projects developing new treatments and evaluating their
efficacy for severely disordered and multi-diagnostic populations. Her primary research is in the
application of behavioral models to suicidal behaviors, drug abuse, and borderline personality
disorder. She is also working to develop effective models for transferring efficacious treatments from the research academy to the cl…