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To My Friend Russell

Russell passed away on Friday 13th June 2008 in Poole hospital. I miss him.

Time Is Meant To Heal

(adapted/edited from a poem by
Kim Thompson)

You meant so much to all of us
You were special and that's no lie
You brightened up the darkest day
And even the grey-est sky

Many tears I have seen and cried
They have all poured out like rain
I know that you are happy now
'Cause you're no longer in pain.

Two years on I remember you
And what you used to say
You made each of us smile
And live to the fullest each day

They say in time it gets easier
I wonder if it's true
Because even after all this time
I still don’t have a clue

I was not ready to say goodbye
The disease just over took
So on this day we remember you
I take a second look

Our friendship is forever
Until death, did us part
Although you're away in body
You’re always in my heart

Original version © Kim Thompson