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KISS Hear New Songs In Full Now!


Long Way Down
(Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer)

Gypsy, has eyes that hide the secrets no one sees
Easy, you smile until she brings you to your knees
Stick around 'til you get the truth
Taste blood when you get your proof (oh yeah)
Find that you've never understood
Give it all, but it's meant for good (oh yeah)

And I know this life makes fools of wise men, thieves, and kings (yeah)
When we lose we live our lives like puppets on a string
Close your eyes and you'll lose your soul
Do your time, but there's no parole from here
No chance when the end is near
Hear the words that you never thought you'd hear (yeah)
Life whispers in your ear

It's a long way down
When ground starts comin'
I tried to tell you, but you would not listen
It's a long way when you fall from the top


[Guitar Solo]

Build it all on a bed of lies
Standing tall 'til you realize you're here
Look aw…

Jack Kirby Art UK premiere

The original artwork for this pin up was presented to Mark Haynes as first prize for winning "Marvel Mastermind UK 1976".
This version is scanned from the back page of the UK weekly "Super Spider-man and the Titans" issue number 217 cover dated April 6th 1977 but on sale from 30th March 1977.
The image was used again over a year later but in black and white line only as the "British Feature Page" in F.O.O.M magazine 19.
The information accompanying this piece in the U.S, Hardback collection "The Birth of a Hero" is incomplete and inaccurate and the reproduction of the artwork inferior.
This version has been "cleaned up" by me using Photoshop. Characters and Image is copyrighted by Marvel Entertainment and Subs.

MORE POETRY by EDWARD HUGHES (and some photos)

In an exhalation, Unnoticed, unbidden, A breath from the Mountain Gods Swept down to some ancient sea. The Ling-Lang it bore crazed us all. Shotgun French, and mistralling, We spent precious lead on a fleeting image We might only ever wing. Yet, the foolish still gibber, And only wise men can sing.
Edward Hughes 2008.

Hanging Out The Washing.

I was only saying to Auntie Hegel the other day, 'Auntie', I said, 'You simply cannot adduce the facts of Religion from Historical Science. There's a stinking canal's breadth deterring any leap of Faith'. That shut her up, I can tell you, But I knew she'd pass it on.

Edward Hughes 2008

Aspiring To Silence.
Naturally, Thank God,
All things, I mean all things, Are meaningless. They wash down the stream, And miss out on the process. Experience is a dream, And Reason is scopeless. Yet, every pulse sings, And every rock poses Awkward questions: Why do the living scream? When might they care less? How springs, but no sources? Where lies the sea to …

British Marvel Apes Colour Pictures

These images were printed on the back cover of Marvel's "Planet of the Apes" comic which was published in the U.K. from October 1974 to February 1977 when it was merged into the "Mighty World of Marvel" weekly comic. The U.K. Apes comic also included some interior black and white text and photo features about the Apes T.V. series that were never published in the U.S. edition of the magazine. I will scan and post these extra text features at a later date...