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Psychodialetical to appear in print!

Most IMPORTANT KISS news of the new Millenium

Paul Stanley 'open to the idea' of recording a brand new KISS album… KISS rhythm guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley has confirmed to the Clog that the band are seriously considering recording a new album.

Rumours of a brand new KISS release first surfaced last week on photographer Ross Halfin’s blog. Now Geoff Barton has taken it upon himself to grab the Classic Rock poker and agitate the embers of speculation (poetic, huh?!).

Barton recently talked to Stanley and asked him:

What does the future hold for KISS?

It looks like we’ll be touring Europe as well as the States next year. You’ll be getting more of what you saw at the Download festival this past summer – the KISS Alive! vibe amped up to the max. There might even be a new KISS album at some point. I have been ambivalent to the idea in the past but I’m much more open to it now.

Why is that?

Well, I thought that I'd be content for KISS to remain a heritage act, just playing our greatest hits – Detroit Rock City and all that. Bu…

Edward Hughes: poetry...truth & lies


After a time,
(Some 19 years or so),
I asked him,
And straight out,
If we had a relationship.
He denied it flatly.
I went on loving him the more.

Edward Hughes


Where are all those things?
I can't remember.
Still, I have the symbols.
What were those things like?
We were not acquainted,
But I painted pictures.
How many of those things were there?
I reach for the matchbox.
What could those things mean?
We need to talk.
What about?
Squiggles, daubs, and matchsticks.
What about those things?
I lost them long ago.

Edward Hughes


When Mother died there was an absence.
It wasn't her;
Mum's still a fixture
In many a memory,
Each sharper than mine.
Her's was a life taken
In its unsuspecting flow,
Before appropriate time.
This yawning gap
Served as a warning:
Fickle fullness leads not to resolution;
Everything must some day drain.
I now look for lightness,
Not light.
I'm eyeshut to fleeting image,
Immune to all experience,
And ready to discharge any ballast.
I'll keep…

KISS Ikons: More details

Pictured: The top image is the cover of the box and the lower image is the actual cover of the booklet.



KISS: IKONS is a 4 CD collector's package showcasing the iconic prominence each member contributed to the hottest rock 'n roll band in the world!

The Set will be released in October 21.

The packaging for KISS: IKONS is outstanding, featuring a 24 page booklet filled with classic KISS photos! The actual KISS Icons and the IKONS logo on the box cover are printed in silver foil.

Gene Simmons CD:

'God Of Thunder', 'Almost Human', 'Calling Dr. Love', 'Ladies Room', 'Christine Sixteen', 'Deuce', 'Rock And Roll All Nite', 'Cold Gin', 'Parasite', 'Larger Than Life', 'Love 'em And Leave 'Em', 'Plaster Caster', 'Radioactive', 'Charisma'.

Paul Stanley CD:

'Detroit Rock City', 'Love Gun', 'Take Me', 'Strutter',…



KISS "Ikons" to be released by Universal on October 21... No other details currently known, but "Icons" doesn't appear to be a general UMe "Greatest Hits" package...

While it won't win any awards for naming, Paul's long-anticipated "Live To Win" tour is expected to be released on October 21 under the title, "One Live KISS". Directed by D.P. Carlson, the video package is expected to include the Louis Antonelli "Live to Dream!" documentary.

GIFT of TUNES: review of Lindsey Buckinghams latest album

Following review "borrowed" from

Lindsey Buckingham - Gift Of Screws (Reprise)
UK release date: 15 September 2008

Lindsey Buckingham is that increasingly rare beast in the pop world; an ageing rocker who still counts. For a man who has made indescribably large amounts of money with Fleetwood Mac, and who is the author of some of the finest soft rock songs of all time, it is refreshing to find him nearing his sixties and still releasing solo albums that stand up against his late '70s peak.
The follow-up to 2006's largely acoustic Under The Skin, a fine album in its own right, Gift Of Screws takes its title (an Emily Dickinson reference) and several tracks from an abortive late '90s session. Other tracks from those sessions cropped up on the Fleetwood Mac reunion album Say You Will, a 2003 release that indicated that Buckingham had relocated the songwriting genie that went temporarily absent during the previous decade.

Gift Of Screws is a thrilli…

Paul Stanley enjoys the High Life in Las Vegas

Kiss guitarist moves into penthouse and pays homage to the Beatles
By Robin Leach

PHOTO: Paul Stanley and his wife, Erin Sutton, join the LOVE crew. Photo: Ana Dobrijevic.

Paul Stanley is enjoying a honeymoon-styled Vegas vacation with his newly pregnant wife, Erin Sutton -- all built around his KISS concert tonight at the Pearl in the Palms. The happy couple checked in first to their very own penthouse condo atop George Maloof's new Palms Place tower.

It's their first weekend in the palatial pad, which has a spectacular 360-degree panorama view all the way from the Red Rock range on the West out to the mountain peaks on the eastern edge of the valley.

I toured it with George while it was in final construction and can tell you it's so amazing you'd never want to leave! Paul is a long-time friend going back 30 years now and we even share the same New York City stock broker! He won't mind me telling you that his platinum multi-million-dollar playpen comes complete with a …


Eric Singer is enjoying life as the drummer for Kiss
By Tim Parsons, Lake Tahoe Action

Photo provided by Chuck Garric Kiss drummer Eric Singer, left, also plays in Alice Cooper’s band with South Lake Tahoe native Chuck Garric.

Eric Singer describes Kiss as “rock meets Barnum and Bailey’s Circus,” making it his ideal band.
“I always liked the entertainer-type drummers,” said Singer, who first joined Kiss in 1991. “For me, I feel Kiss is the perfect band as a musician, a performer and an entertainer.”

Singer wears the cat-face makeup, which began with original drummer Peter Criss, who came up with idea because he said he has nine lives. The long-tongued bassist Gene Simmons is the Demon with bat wings, guitarist Paul Stanley the Starchild, and former guitarist Ace Frehley was the Spaceman.

Singer enjoys wearing the makeup: “It allows you to let loose and be whoever you want to be,” he said. “It’s almost like when Superman would put on the cape or Batman would put on the mask. In some ways, it…

Lindsey Buckingham Brand New Album Gift of Screws due in September


1. Great Day
2. Time Precious Time
3. Did You Miss Me
4. Wanna Wait For You
5. Love Runs Deeper
6. Bel Air Rain
7. The Right Place To Fade
8. Gift Of Screws
9. Underground
10. Treason

Burbank, CA- Warner Bros. Records will release the fifth solo album from singer, songwriter, and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, entitled Gift of Screws, on Reprise Records September 16, 2008.

Gift of Screws unites the broad appeal Buckingham showed as the main musical force behind Fleetwood Mac with the restless spirit of experimentalism he’s shown on landmark Mac albums as Rumours and Tusk, and on his own visionary solo albums. It’s the sum of Buckingham’s labors of musical love and dedication, with all the joys and struggles that have come along the way.

“I’d say this album distills several periods of time,” Buckingham says. “It has false starts to make albums, songs that go back a number of years that took a…

KISS day at Download...Classic Rock's Review.

Text by: excerpted (ie: borrowed) from Classic Rock's web site.
Really blurry photos by: Me (left)
The sheer excitement got to me...sorry!.
Classic Rock has just returned from the Download Festival - and here's our quickfire reaction to Friday's proceedings:
* Black Tide - Unfortunately we missed these Miami metal upstarts due to the car park being 186 miles away from the arena. Sorry, chaps! * Stone Gods - Strange to watch them on the Tuborg stage while standing on Tarmac (that's us, not the band). Tarmac (presumably part of the Donington race-way) is a rubbish surface for an outdoor fest. We want grass - or, at the very least, mud. Nevertheless these (mostly) ex-Darkness dudes acquitted themselves well, and overcame the absence of drummer Ed Graham with aplomb. (Graham was taken ill three days ago; his last-minute replacement was Robin Goodridge. Is this the same Goodridge who used to be the tub-thumper in Bush? Answers on a postcard, please.) Richie Edwards still has ple…

Mick Fleetwood forms new Blues band

Euro Blues Fest Scores Mick Fleetwood's New Band

Rock legend and Fleetwood Mac co-founder Mick Fleetwood's new group, The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, will make its international debut this summer, headlining one of the largest blues festivals in Europe.

The International Notodden Blues Festival, which organizers expect 40,000 fans to attend, will take place July 31 to August 2 in Norway.

The lineup for the 21st outing of the fest also includes Ray Davies, Koko Taylor, John Hiatt, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Little Feat, James Cotton, Charlie Musselwhite & Kim Wilson with The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bobby Rush, Pinetop Perkins & the Legends of Chicago Blues Music Club NotoddenJaniva Magness, Bob Margolin & Jerry Portnoy, Omar Kent Dykes, Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Louisiana Red Blues Band, Henry Butler and many, many other artists.

Fleetwood's new band, which features Rick Vito, Lenny Castellanos and Mark Johnstone, celebrates his blues heritage, as well as the ori…


Annihilator's Jeff Waters interviews KISS' Tommy Thayer
First off, for those who may not be familiar with the history of Tommy Thayer, or think that you are just a relatively new replacement or fill-in for Ace Frehley, please tell us about your extensive resume; not just your accomplishments in Black and Blue, but also with your being an integral part of the KISS family for an amazing 14 years.
Going back to Black and Blue in the 80's, for people that don't know, we moved to Los Angeles in early 1983 from Portland, where we started out. Quiet Riot and Motley Crue were starting to do well and we just knew that, since we were writing our own stuff, that LA would be the best place for us to be. Within 6 months, we had a record deal; John Kalodner signed us at Geffen Records and envisioned us as being the American Def Leppard. We put out 4 records for Geffen through the 80's up to 1990 and did moderately well but we never rea…

KISS and Ace Frehley cuttings

Music Preview: Ace Frehley kisses his old band goodbye with no regrets
Thursday, May 01, 2008
By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Ace Frehley: "I wake up every morning and thank God I'm alive, 'cause there were a lot of times where I almost didn't make it."Let's just cut to the juicy part and then work backward.

How does Ace Frehley feel about seeing someone, namely Tommy Thayer, strutting around the stage with Kiss wearing the Space Ace get-up with the silver stars on the eyes?

"It is what it is," he says on the phone, sounding like one of Tony's boys on "The Sopranos." "From what I read on the Internet, the fans aren't too happy about it. I don't want to go there ..." he pauses, then adds, "Am I crazy about it? Nah, not really. It is what it is."

Rather than donning his patented Kiss outfit and playing to thousands of screaming fans with explosions going off behind him, the 57-year-old Frehley will play to …

Better Late Than Never (U.K. The Guardian-Steve Gerber-Obit)

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Ace Frehley - Astoria London 2008 New York Groove


Far left of the stage just behind the barrier! What a straight ahead down to earth ballsy rock n roll party we had! The videos don't really do it justice, the place was drenched in sweat and the audience was wild, singing along (listen to us, we rocked), punching the air and chanting for Ace...even before he came on stage. Nights like these are rare and this one was the best I've had in years! The set list:Rip It Out/Hard Times/Parasite/Snowblind segue into I Want You/Rock Soldiers/Breakout/Into The Void/Strangeways/Medley inc: Torpedo Girl, Speedin' Back To My Baby, Five Card Stud, Trouble Walkin' End of Medley/Stranger in a Strange Land/New York Groove/2,000 Man/Shock Me/Rocket Ride/Deuce/Lover Her All I Can/Love Gun/Cold Gin (with outro to Black Diamond tacked on at the end)

KISS Play Melbourne Grand Prix (Review from KISSONLINE)


By elmokeep (Photo by KISSUNMASKED II from the KISSFAQ here )

It had topped nearly 40 degrees in Melbourne this Grand Prix Sunday. And the rev-heads who’d been standing in the pelting sun and drinking beer all day were surprisingly sedate as they waited, chatting amiably, for KISS as little kids in Starchild make up ran in between their parent’s legs.

The speaker stacks jumped suddenly in volume, as the Who’s ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ blared over the crowd. You could feel it thumping through the ground, it’s a throwdown if ever there was one. The giant black, KISS emblazoned flag dropped to hide the stage, and you knew they were behind there, the hottest band in the world! KIIIIIIIIIIIISS!!

Hey! Fireworks! The flag drops and the band have hit the stage with ‘Deuce’, and close-ups on Gene Simmons face show that he is already blinking sweat and greasepaint out of his eyes. It’s hot in the crowd; onstage under lights, surrounded by flames, wearing several extra kilos of spike…

Interview with Anthony Esposito (Ace Frehley Band)

Go to for more great features!

We here at GlamMetal had the privilege to sit down with one of the nicest guys in the music business, Anthony Esposito. The interview took place in his hotelroom before the second night of back to back shows for the Ace Frehley band at the Bears Den inside the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls New York. Even with all the commotion going on in his room, Anthony took the time to tell us everything from what the plans for the Ace Frehley band are to what he thinks of Ace’s guitar playing. Let’s hop onto this Rocket Ride and see where this takes us shall we??

Gus: How did you get involved with Ace? Anthony: It was a buddy of mine Frankie Gibson, who happened to pass away about a year ago. He was a killer jewelry designer. He designed all of Ace's jewelry. He was the one who introduced me to Ace. We went up to his house and played and that was it. We jammed and one of Ace's friends Jeff (who was a truck driver) played drums. So it wa…