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The following billboard ads were all over the U.K. a month or so back, Paul Sackey, Steve Borthwick and Shane Williams,in different rugby style poses, all apparently starkers except for a thong (later removed by retouching the photos). I was struck by the quality and sheer impact of the shots. The press and poster campaign-"Innergear 6 Nations Rugby" was created for Powerade by:

Creative agency Mother
Copywriter Mother
Art director Mother
Planner (creative agency) Mother
Media agency Vizeum
Media planner Nick Halas
Photographer Alan Clarke
Photographer's agency Webber Represents
Retouching company Bayeux

But there's more to the campaign than the billboards, the Powerade website features a video that takes you behind-the-scenes at the photography shoot with exclusive interviews from Paul Sackey, Steve Borthwick and Shane Williams detailing how the Speedmachine, Bulldozer and Playmaker felt about getting their kit off! See it by clicking on the link at the end of this post.


Bristol Cartoon Illustrator Showcases Work

(From News Alerts)

Cartoon Illustration Exhibition

Mr H (aka Jerry Holliday) will be exhibiting his illustration work with a series of small framed prints and larger Foamex pieces.

Jerry has dabbled in stylish cartoonry since the age of ten and along with Luke Fay and a group of artists published Bonafide comic magazine in the mid 90's which published the work of prominent Bristol artists such as Nick Walker and FLX.

"I grew up inspired by the old underground 60's comics and the story aspect is what is exciting to me. I try to convey a story in my work and a lot of this series of pieces has derived from stories I am writing", explains Mr H.

In recent years Jerry has been heading up freelance design and web agency Code 9 and finishing a storybook which he has printed segments from for two upcoming exhibitions.

The first on 26th-27th April 2009 is part of the Bristol Art Fringe will see a combination of open houses and exhibitions at public bars around the Mont…

Major KISS Announcement