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Christmas Nightmare

Christmas is a time of maximum stress on relationships so try to remember, its supposed to be fun! Don't take things too seriously and if the turkey gets ruined just order a take away instead.
Whatever happens don't let it end in a divorce court or you could end up with your most expensive Christmas ever. Here are some cautionary tales:

The Most Outrageous Divorce Clauses Ever Written
Author: Monica Sanders

There are all kinds of divorce clauses: clauses to keep quiet, clauses to pay an escalating portion of one's future earnings, and even clauses that some might consider the most extreme – those that mandate therapy. Hollywood seems to be the source of endless fodder. In fact, it's not unusual to find all sorts of written clauses so that an ex will keep quiet about the nasty details of the marriage until the day they die…or perhaps get a more lucrative book deal. Britney as well as former Beatle Paul McCartney have both opted for gag clauses in the hopes of muzzling thei…

Advertising & Design

In my late teenage years and early twenties I was involved in commercial design. I still have friends who work within the industry, Rob Chappell is one of them. I'm very proud of him so I present a selection of recent work. This is all commercial work, he's too modest to allow his private/fine art work to be shown. Maybe one day...

Conceptual Design, Storyboards (Television etc), Architectural Visualisation, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Corporate Presentations, Educational Aids/Presentations, Print Design & Artwork.

To discuss your requirements e-mail:

Please type "design details query/Blogger" in e-mail subject header.
Location: U.K. (Yorkshire)


Kate Bush records original song 'Lyra' for the New Line Cinema fantasy epic The Golden Compass.

Acclaimed British singer/songwriter Kate Bush will contribute an original song titled "Lyra" to the end title credits of New Line Cinema's upcoming epic fantasy adventure The Golden Compass, which is scheduled for a Dec. 7 worldwide release.

It will also be available for download as part of New Line Records' The Golden Compass soundtrack, which will be released Dec. 11. The song, named for Lyra Belacqua, the lead character in The Golden Compass, is written and produced by Kate in her own studio, and features the Magdalen College Choir, Oxford. It will be heard over the closing credits of the film. In the most recent issue of HomeGround magazine Del Palmer revealed that Philip Pullman (author of the books on which the film is based) had visited Kate at her home earlier this year, and it's known that she is a fan of his work.

News of Kate's new song for The Gold…


If you're in London visit the second coming ofSLAGINC!New exhibition starts soon:The above image has (ironically) been censored to comply with the hosts T&Cs my apologies to the Artist. Image © dag.mar DAGMAR SCHURRER
feminism, fascism and fisting16.11.2007 - 22.12.2007
OPENING 16.11.2007, 19.00 TIL LATE
on the night a performance by Miss Bijou Noir
Opening times Fri - Sun, 12-6pm and by appointment

Frank Hampson, Marvel Comics and the Landscape Format 1976

In March of 1976 a unique and never to be repeated partnering of the talent of Frank Hampson and the creations of Stan Lee was unleashed. Frank produced a one off pin-up for the popular Marvel weekly 'Super Spider-Man with the Super-Heroes'.

In issue 162 of the title (cover dated March 20th 1976) a one page feature on the legendary Dan Dare artist was published

(click here for full sized image)

Spider-Man Sings Again

After his previous off Broadway production and a flirtation with rock on his 'Rock Reflections of a Superhero' album, Spidey is heading for the boards again!


2007-09-27 13:38:33

Broadway director JULIE TAYMOR is hunting for a New York theatre big enough to house the SPIDER-MAN musical she is creating with U2 rockers BONO and THE EDGE.
Lion King creator Taymor has written a book and is due to direct the spectacular stage show, with the music provided by the rock superduo.
The project is now moving so quickly, the trio are already looking for the right space to house the musical version of the comic creation. Taymore tells the New York Daily News.

Movie & Entertainment News provided by World Entertainment News Network (

Potentially Dodgy Comic-Book Films

Oh dear...these sound dodgy to say the least!

Maybe the best comic-book fans can wish for is that 'Justice League' at least won't be a total embarrassment?

Comic book casting : Shazam and Wonder Woman

The web is buzzing with rumours that Jessica Biel will be playing Wonder Woman in the Justice League of America movie. Sites are all discussing whether or not Ms. Biel will be flying the invisible plane in the live action JLA movie that will be directed by George Miller.

In related comic-book movie news, The Rock is likely going to be starring in Shazam. But, will he be playing Shazam or Black Adam? Evidently, Mr. Johnson has been debating about this for some time now, and is asking his fans to help him decide. He is soliciting votes on the MTV Movies Blog, so have at it.

Shazam! to be broad-based, "inherently funny" superhero flick Hard at work on his draft of Shazam!, screenwriter John August provided a glimpse of what we can expect to see in the upcoming live-action …

Phil Spector Case Mistrial


2007-09-26 23:56:25

The judge overseeing the PHIL SPECTOR murder case has declared a mistrial.
Judge Larry Paul Fidler sent the members of the jury home on Wednesday (26Sep07) after hearing they were split ten to two after 12 days of deliberation and six ballots - and unable to break their deadlock.
Spector was accused of murdering actress Lana Clarkson in his Alhambra, California mansion in 2003. The trial began in April (07) and featured 77 witnesses.
Officials at the Los Angeles District Attorney's office state they will retry the record producer. (KL/WN/GES) WENN - BREAKING NEWS - 26 SEPTEMBER 2007

Psychodialetical Recent Updates

Psychodialetical Recent Updates
This is the comic book I am publishing/creating at drunk duck web comics site.Have a look and let me know what you think.Go on, I can take it...honest!


THE PUMPKIN EATERThe story of a marriage of two sensitive, articulate people, bound together by the strongest physical and emotional ties yet helpless in their inability to communicate.Just watched this film, now I can't sleep because it's haunting me. I recommend it, just make sure you have plenty of chill out time before you need to sleep because it makes you think.
The Pumpkin Eater takes its title from the nursery rhyme: "Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater / Had a wife and couldn't keep her. / He put her in a pumpkin shell / And there he kept her very well." As this allusion suggests, one of the central concerns of the film is female entrapment - the experience of being kept 'in a shell'. The heroine, Jo, has all the ostensible trappings of a happy life: a handsome, successful husband, a beautiful house, an enviably affluent lifestyle, and battalions of healthy children. Yet she still comes to the conclusion that her life is "an empty place". She ev…


Here's the next selection of underrated/seldom (if ever) played tunes. This period of the band is especially dear to me as I was a young adult at the time of the release of these albums.
My favourite tunes are here, even though it took time to appreciate some of them back then, especially Ace Frehley's solo stuff Wiped Out, What's On Your Mind and Fractured Mirror. The latter soon became my all time second favourite instumental, the first being Albatross by Fleetwood Mac.
'Fraid I didn't manage to get past Peter Criss' tenure in KISS so there will be a further selection covering the 1980's and later in a future post.
Drop me a line to let me know what you think about these tracks, you can use the comment on this blog button if you wish.
See ya,
Andy. Picture Below: KISS circa 1980...coming soon.


ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppPoetry by Edward Hughes aka Bernard Badpoet aka BB aka my "significant other".

Geoff's Death (in memoriam Geoffrey France 1917-2006) Nov 6 2006
Stage managed,
Footlights dimmed,
And then out.
It's over.
He's gone.
What was
Is now
There's no more business
To transact.
No show to transfer,
And no bow taken.
We all are.
For each run ends,
And every House darkens.
Bernard Badpoet Nov 2006
The Human Delusion (Inspired by Richard Dawkins' book 'The God Delusion")
I am Dawkins' Robot,
Complex in my way, it's true,
But I only exist to serve to serve my genes,
As they are the ones that do.

They allow my sham existence,
Whilst turning to their task
Of striding across the millennia
With a single-minded zest.

From Amoeba to Me they've condescended
To join in Corporate groups,
And even Albert Einstein
Was simply one of the troops.

My life story weaves a fiction
Spun out to delay the truth…