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Gareth Thomas' (soon to be) Ex Wife Speaks

Photo by Paul Lewis Jemma Thomas comments on her soon to be ex husbands' (Gareth Thomas) public announcement concerning his sexuality (he is gay), 'He released me and in doing so he released himself. Gareth could have waited for years to tell me, wasted my life, and where would that have left me? I was only 30 when he told me, still young enough to meet someone else and have children.'
Today, Jemma lives in Spain where she works with her mother Judi, 61, for a furniture company. She moved there 18 months ago for a fresh start. She wanted to be where no one knows she was the wife of the sporting legend and to escape the scrutiny which accompanied the break-up of her marriage.
'It was hard for me staying in Bridgend. Everywhere held a happy memory of my time with Gareth, all my friends were the friends we'd spent our weekends with as a couple,' says Jemma, whose divorce from Gareth will be finalised in the New Year. 'I needed to move on. We both did.'
Jemma an…

Stevie Nicks Leather and Lace

Stevie Nicks - Leather and Lace
Uploaded by jpdc11. 1986 was the year I first saw this video from a compilation of Stevie Nicks promo's called "I Can't Wait", it ran for only twenty six minutes and featured the following songs:
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around /Stand Back / Leather and Lace / If AnyoneFalls / Talk to Me / I Can't Wait.

This is the copy from back cover: In the mid-70's, when Stevie Nicks joined the already popular Fleetwood Mac, her highly distinctive, deeply sensual voice, and her intensely personal songs immediately helped propel the band to supergroup status. For her part in their immense popularity, she has emerged a major figure in contemporary music. As of 1986, she has released three albums on her own and they all achieved platinum-record status. Each is distinguished by several huge hit singles and videos, and they have been collected here for the first time. From "Bella Donna" comes her concert video of "Leather and Lace&…

The Country Roads of Chris (Dog Oil) Raddings

(Photo by Jane Gregory, Pets Ink)

Chris Raddings: Musician

Born in: Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K.
Date of Birth: 21/11/63
Schools: Scholes Infants School, Mirfield, Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K. / Whitechapel Middle School, Cleckheaton, Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K. / Whitcliffe Mount Secondary School Cleckheaton, Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K.

Chris is the youngest of three children, he has a sister, Elaine and a brother, Andrew. He left school in 1980 and continued his studies at Batley College of Art & Design, specialist subject: Interior Design. The college catered for a wide range of diciplines from Fine Art to Fashion Design and consequently included an eclectic mix of characters amongst it's scholars and lecturers providing the perfect environment to broaden the mind! However by 1982 Chris left the school having decided to follow an alternative and more satisfying career path working with disadvantaged children. He soon discovered he could incorporate his tal…


Happy accident, serendipity I don't know but somehow while on holiday in the Czech Republic I was able to help in the casting for this video. As it turns out I think it's worked rather well, I particularly like the imagery of the gently burning guitar.

More music from Simon P Kelly can be found on his myspace music profile and the album Coming Home In The Light from which this single is pulled is available now (e-mail Simon via his myspace profile).

Incidentally, the evocative lyrics to all the songs are written by my friend Richard Eccles who's also a very talented poet and all around creative powerhouse. My thanks go out to Richard for allowing me to play a tiny part in the completion of this project.

Playwrite Aleksei/Aleksej Arbuzov (1908-1986)

Biography of the playwright Aleksei /Aleksej Arbuzov

(May 26, 1908) Born in Moscow to a Russian father and Greek mother.

(1918) At 10 years of age he loses his parents and is cared for by his aunt.

(1922) First contact with the theatre world when hired as an extra at the Marinski (Kirov?) Theatre of St. Petersburg.

(1924) He goes on to develop his skills in a theatre studio.

(1925) Enters a drama school.

(1927) Graduates drama school.

For some time he directs a touring troupe and puts on plays in Leningrad. Also he takes on the literature department of the first sovkhoz theatre in the capital area of Russia.

(1930) Goes to Moscow and writes in the magazine "Stage Club". In the same year writes his first play, "Rank" (the first of the 30 he would complete).

(1934) Writes his first comedy, "Six Lovers" (inspired by his experience in sovkhoz).

(1936) Writes the play, "Long Way".

(1938) Writes "Tania" .

("Long Way" and "Tania" beco…

SONIC BOOM Cover Insight Deluxe!

SONIC BOOM Cover Insight Deluxe!

Posted using ShareThisTHE RETURN OF KISS
August 17, 2009

By Michael Doret

I've been waiting a few months to be able to talk about this-and I have talked about it to some degree in a few online interviews, but not really in any detail. Back in April of this year I received a telephone call from out of the blue-from somewhere in South America. At the other end of the line was KISS' Paul Stanley. It'd been more years than I cared to remember since we last spoke. That was when I had done the cover art for "Rock and Roll Over"-KISS' 5th album and their 2nd to go Platinum. So you can understand my surprise when Paul asked if I'd be interested in designing the cover art for KISS' first studio album in 11 years-which Paul himself was producing.

That's when I started remembering how exciting it was the first time around, to have been involved in that fast-paced world of entertainment and music. For me it had been a far cry from…

UN stalls on Myanmar statement

Back in the middle of May I was moved to blog on the plight of the unjustly incarcerated Aung Suu Kyi, since then the case has rightly garnered great publicity. Here is an update on the situation:

The UN Security Council has failed to agree on a statement condemning Myanmar for extending Aung San Suu Kyi's house arrest, a verdict the opposition leader called "totally unfair".

Diplomats cancelled a meeting of the 15-member council on Wednesday and instead held talks with China and other member states that have expressed concern over how the UN should respond to the Nobel peace laureate being detained a further 18 months.

A US-drafted statement condemning Aung San Suu Kyi's detention at her home in Yangon and demanding the release of all political prisoners in Myanmar was discussed on Tuesday.

But several countries, including Vietnam and veto-wielding China and Russia, said they wanted to consult with their governments before acting further on the text.

'Respect soverei…

Adam Black's LOCUS

Do you like horror, monsters and sexy ladies with potty mouths? You'll love this book! Plus you're in luck 'cos its free to view here. Even if you don't usually go for the subject matter you should check it out, unlike a lot of the genre, this strip has a great story with mystery and plot twists aplenty. If you prefer the traditional paper comics, get the print version from IndyPlanet instead: Issue 1Issue 2Issue 3
This book will be a monster, don't miss out!

Down the Tubes

My thanks to John Freeman and co for the bang up editing job they did on my original blog posts. See the result on the Down the Tubes Blog

Fleetwood Mac UK Tour 2009

2009 UK Tour Dates:

Thu 22nd Glasgow SECC & Clyde Auditorium (The Armadillo)
Fri 24th Dublin 02 Arena (Unconfirmed, not listed with Live Nation or Ticketmaster yet)
Tue 27th Manchester Manchester Evening News Arena (MEN Arena)
Fri 30th London Wembley Arena

Mon 2nd Sheffield Sheffield Arena
Tue 3rd Birmingham The NIA (National Indoor Arena) Latest info

Psychodialetical Available Now From

Free Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung Suu Kyi

The Norwegian committee that awarded Myanmar democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 has called for her immediate release from prison.
"Her recent detention in prison is totally unacceptable. She has done nothing wrong",
said a statement from the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which rarely comments on past laureates.
"We sent this because it is a matter of the life and health of a laureate",
its nonvoting secretary, Geir Lundestad, told The Associated Press.

The protest added to a storm of international appeals to Myanmar's military government to free the 63-year-old Suu Kyi and accelerate genuine moves toward the restoration of democracy in the country, which has been under military rule virtually continuously since 1962.

Suu Kyi was taken Thursday 14th May 2009 from the lakeside home where she is kept under house arrest to Insein Prison to be charged with violating the terms of her detention by allegedly sheltering an American man said to have s…


The following billboard ads were all over the U.K. a month or so back, Paul Sackey, Steve Borthwick and Shane Williams,in different rugby style poses, all apparently starkers except for a thong (later removed by retouching the photos). I was struck by the quality and sheer impact of the shots. The press and poster campaign-"Innergear 6 Nations Rugby" was created for Powerade by:

Creative agency Mother
Copywriter Mother
Art director Mother
Planner (creative agency) Mother
Media agency Vizeum
Media planner Nick Halas
Photographer Alan Clarke
Photographer's agency Webber Represents
Retouching company Bayeux

But there's more to the campaign than the billboards, the Powerade website features a video that takes you behind-the-scenes at the photography shoot with exclusive interviews from Paul Sackey, Steve Borthwick and Shane Williams detailing how the Speedmachine, Bulldozer and Playmaker felt about getting their kit off! See it by clicking on the link at the end of this post.


Bristol Cartoon Illustrator Showcases Work

(From News Alerts)

Cartoon Illustration Exhibition

Mr H (aka Jerry Holliday) will be exhibiting his illustration work with a series of small framed prints and larger Foamex pieces.

Jerry has dabbled in stylish cartoonry since the age of ten and along with Luke Fay and a group of artists published Bonafide comic magazine in the mid 90's which published the work of prominent Bristol artists such as Nick Walker and FLX.

"I grew up inspired by the old underground 60's comics and the story aspect is what is exciting to me. I try to convey a story in my work and a lot of this series of pieces has derived from stories I am writing", explains Mr H.

In recent years Jerry has been heading up freelance design and web agency Code 9 and finishing a storybook which he has printed segments from for two upcoming exhibitions.

The first on 26th-27th April 2009 is part of the Bristol Art Fringe will see a combination of open houses and exhibitions at public bars around the Mont…

Major KISS Announcement

A Chronicle of the Psychodialetical Universe...New Retro Comic-Book

"A Chronicle of the Psychodialetical Universe" is a collection of specially enhanced episodes from the retro sci-fi web comic "Psychodialetical". It features a brand new wrap around colour cover and an all new unpublished story. The collection runs to 56 pages including the cover and details of how to order a copy will be available soon. In the meantime a preview is available by clicking the module below: