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Potentially Dodgy Comic-Book Films

Oh dear...these sound dodgy to say the least!

Maybe the best comic-book fans can wish for is that 'Justice League' at least won't be a total embarrassment?

Comic book casting : Shazam and Wonder Woman

The web is buzzing with rumours that Jessica Biel will be playing Wonder Woman in the Justice League of America movie. Sites are all discussing whether or not Ms. Biel will be flying the invisible plane in the live action JLA movie that will be directed by George Miller.

In related comic-book movie news, The Rock is likely going to be starring in Shazam. But, will he be playing Shazam or Black Adam? Evidently, Mr. Johnson has been debating about this for some time now, and is asking his fans to help him decide. He is soliciting votes on the MTV Movies Blog, so have at it.

Shazam! to be broad-based, "inherently funny" superhero flick Hard at work on his draft of Shazam!, screenwriter John August provided a glimpse of what we can expect to see in the upcoming live-action Captain Marvel flick:

"The underlying premise is funny, so it's not just Spider-Man plus jokes," August revealed at last week's press day for his directorial debut The Nines. "There's something inherently funny about a 13-year-old boy who gets to become a big, sturdy superhero, and sort of what's a priority to him wouldn't be a priority to a normal person who gets those powers."

August promises that Shazam! will appeal to more than just adolescent boys and other people who like movies about adolescent boys. "The thirteen-year-olds who who are reflected in the movie will really love the movie, and I think other people will too. At this budget, it's gotta be one of those classic 'four quadrants,' where everybody and their brother goes to see it."

Shazam! is set for a release sometime next year.


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