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Advertising & Design

In my late teenage years and early twenties I was involved in commercial design. I still have friends who work within the industry, Rob Chappell is one of them. I'm very proud of him so I present a selection of recent work. This is all commercial work, he's too modest to allow his private/fine art work to be shown. Maybe one day...

Conceptual Design, Storyboards (Television etc), Architectural Visualisation, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Corporate Presentations, Educational Aids/Presentations, Print Design & Artwork.

To discuss your requirements e-mail:

Please type "design details query/Blogger" in e-mail subject header.
Location: U.K. (Yorkshire)


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Alan Moore's Essay: Sexism in Comics

I "borrowed" the following scans and text from mechanicaljewel at Live I fondly recall the comic, "The Daredevils" from which they are lifted, it featured reprint comics and new editorial and comic-strip material, notably "Captain Britain". I thought it deserved to go 'viral'. To read the text click on each scan for the larger version.

Invisible Girls and Phantom Ladies: How far have we come?

Back in 1983, Alan Moore wrote a 10-page article on the portrayal of women in comics and the presence/lack thereof of female creators. It was serialized in Marvel UK's The Daredevils #4-6.

It's really interesting to see things like this, written 25 years ago, and to address the question 'how far have we really come?'

British Marvel Apes Colour Pictures

These images were printed on the back cover of Marvel's "Planet of the Apes" comic which was published in the U.K. from October 1974 to February 1977 when it was merged into the "Mighty World of Marvel" weekly comic. The U.K. Apes comic also included some interior black and white text and photo features about the Apes T.V. series that were never published in the U.S. edition of the magazine. I will scan and post these extra text features at a later date...