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The Psychodialetical Universe Volume 2 Arrives...Nine Years After Volume 1!

The Solitar, Guardian of the Psychodialetical Universe returns and now the stakes are higher than ever! To save the Universe a life must end but that life belongs to Sage...The Solitar's father! Meanwhile answers to ancient mysteries are revealed and a time twisting journey ensues! Witness the final resolution of ..."The Solitar Enigma" !! ISBN 9780956277015 Available from 6th August 2018.
Wraparound Cover to volume 2. ISBN 9780956277015 Available from 6th August 2018
If you missed volume worries, it's available to order from your local bookshop too. ISBN 9780956277008


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Alan Moore's Essay: Sexism in Comics

I "borrowed" the following scans and text from mechanicaljewel at Live I fondly recall the comic, "The Daredevils" from which they are lifted, it featured reprint comics and new editorial and comic-strip material, notably "Captain Britain". I thought it deserved to go 'viral'. To read the text click on each scan for the larger version.

Invisible Girls and Phantom Ladies: How far have we come?

Back in 1983, Alan Moore wrote a 10-page article on the portrayal of women in comics and the presence/lack thereof of female creators. It was serialized in Marvel UK's The Daredevils #4-6.

It's really interesting to see things like this, written 25 years ago, and to address the question 'how far have we really come?'

Can You Guess The Artist(s)?

Centre spread from British Marvel's Super Spider-man weekly issue 164. The work is uncredited, Anyone care to make an educated guess of the Artist(s) identity? (Click here for larger version.)