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Can You Guess The Artist(s)?

Centre spread from British Marvel's Super Spider-man weekly issue 164. The work is uncredited, Anyone care to make an educated guess of the Artist(s) identity? (Click here for larger version.)


Kid said…
I couldn't say with any certainty, but it looks like it could be by Larry Lieber, imitating a mix of styles from other artists. He sometimes did composites of figures from different sources. (I note that the web pattern is unfinished above his waist.)
Unknown said…
Very Romita-esque (Romita Senior) but that seems unlikely for the Marvel UK office. Ron Wilson did a lot of the pencils and this could be him, but if so I would expect it to be more blocky. Something makes me want to say Dave Hunt on inks - it reminds me so much of his work over Byrne on Marvel Team Up, and that seems the right era.

Any more of these Titans centre spreads? Marshall Rogers did a few crackers, including one for Doc Strange that was basically a giant eyeball. I would love to see that again…

(ILYA, but Unknown pretty much covers it, yeah)
Robert said…
Go to Dave Hunt's Facebook page for an explanation!
Robert said…
Go to Dave Hunt's Facebook page for an explanation!

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