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Paul Stanley enjoys the High Life in Las Vegas

Kiss guitarist moves into penthouse and pays homage to the Beatles
By Robin Leach

PHOTO: Paul Stanley and his wife, Erin Sutton, join the LOVE crew. Photo: Ana Dobrijevic.

Paul Stanley is enjoying a honeymoon-styled Vegas vacation with his newly pregnant wife, Erin Sutton -- all built around his KISS concert tonight at the Pearl in the Palms. The happy couple checked in first to their very own penthouse condo atop George Maloof's new Palms Place tower.

It's their first weekend in the palatial pad, which has a spectacular 360-degree panorama view all the way from the Red Rock range on the West out to the mountain peaks on the eastern edge of the valley.

I toured it with George while it was in final construction and can tell you it's so amazing you'd never want to leave! Paul is a long-time friend going back 30 years now and we even share the same New York City stock broker! He won't mind me telling you that his platinum multi-million-dollar playpen comes complete with a secret outdoor oversized sunken jacuzzi for two!

PHOTO: Paul Stanley and Hassan. Photo: Ana Dobrijevic.

Then they headed off to see The Beatles LOVE show by Cirque du Soleil at the Mirage. Before the show started they swiped the credit card for a small shopping spree in the LOVE Boutique. Paul purchased a $180 Outpost brand, studded long-sleeved Beatles T-shirt for his wife but only spent $40 for a junk food-brand hunter-green Beatles logo T-shirt for himself.

After the show, Paul and Erin went backstage too meet the cast and crew of the spectacular musical journey of the Beatles' life. He signed the stars' wall of fame with a special message "All You Need is LOVE and KISS."


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